Danville PartnersSM, LLC is a business-development partnership that takes a dynamic "hands on" approach to helping clients build entrepreneurial companies.

At Danville Partners, our team members have extensive experience in a variety of functions and industries and have led, managed and coached their own teams in the art of taking care of customers and profitably growing a business enterprise.

We match our capabilities, experience and, at times our hard-earned capital, with leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs, and the businesses that may particularly benefit from our involvement.

We focus on helping enterprises optimally manage change, as well as create change, to improve their capabilities, competitive position, and their ability to be successful. While we are not driven to deploy capital, if an equity investment or outright acquisition is a potentially valuable ingredient in the change process, we have the resources to assist. Our goal is to help our clients, as we do our own companies, with the creation and development of a successful business by every means and measure.

Smart Management

We partner with the right teams. We deploy our experience side-by-side with the client's team to help identify "what's next" and "how do we get there" in a manner that strengthens and supports an entrepreneurial culture that fosters quick, practical decision making in the face of uncertainty and very limited resources. We believe in a hands-on approach and a seamless interface with management.

Smart Strategy

We develop a basic framework on which to build and grow an enterprise over the long term - a "road map" - that evolves over time and addresses the competitive realities of products, market segments and customers at an appropriate level. Our goal is to blend the best and the most durable elements of the current strategy and tactics with a new view of the future and an improved approach to implementation.

Smart Money

We're not a bank or a pure private equity investor; we have no internal imperative to "deploy capital." But if capital is needed to grow, develop or transition a client's business, our network includes external sources of capital that understand the operating challenges of smaller enterprises and can provide creative solutions to financing needs over the long term. In certain cases, through outright acquisition or partial equity investment, we can become financial partners with the company's management team and share in the rewards of ownership.