Size & Type of Investments

Depending on the industry and situation, we will consider equity investment opportunities in small- and middle-market companies with a revenue range of $2 to $25 million that generate earnings before interest and taxes greater than $1 million. We prefer control investments but in certain cases are willing to consider alternate situations.

Currently we're focused on growth and investment opportunities in environmental and safety related products and services, niche industrial manufacturing companies, value-added distribution businesses, healthcare, and selected service businesses.

Financing and Investment Approach

The Danville Partners philosophy is to:

  • Invest and build over the long term to develop long-term value
  • Use relatively moderate financial leverage
  • Build partnerships with key stakeholders
  • Develop the business through process improvement, organic growth and possibly add-on acquisitions

We Invest "Smart Money"

Generally, our investment capital comes from individuals who have been deeply involved in building entrepreneurial enterprises. They have been successful owners, managers, entrepreneurs and advisors helping companies grow. They understand the operating challenges of running a smaller organization, as well as the longer-term benefits of unlocking an organization's organic growth potential.

Now they are investors too, but we like to think they're "smart money." They understand the challenges because they have faced them first hand. The management team of our clients and portfolio companies is among colleagues who know the ups and the downs, the excitement, the pride and sometimes the frustration and challenges of crafting an enterprise. We've been down this road before.

We Customize Financing Solutions to Meet Each Situation

Our goal is to craft financial solutions to suit the needs of the company. Most of us have managed in highly leveraged situations and know what that can do for a business and its investors, both good and bad. While we tend to be somewhat conservative in our approach to funding and take a relatively long view, we understand the value of financial leverage and have ready access to capital sources.

We Build Partnerships

Typically we prefer to acquire controlling interest in the companies in which we invest, partnering with management and the current owners.