We avoid "drive-by" change from the sidelines, second guessing management. We prefer to engage our client organizations in the same manner as we would own companies, in a hands on fashion, on a regular basis and in a manner that's both practical and insightful. We can help solve problems, capitalize on opportunities, and find the tools needed to succeed.

That can mean serving as a sounding board, a coach or a mentor, providing a forum for more fully discussing key issues and options and identifying the best path to take action. It can also mean assisting in the process of not just "managing change," but pro-actively identifying opportunities to "create change" to order to improve performance and maximize opportunities for greater success.

We think there are three key factors that make Danville Partners a valued business partner:

We employ professional tools

Within the context of a company's size and complexity, we believe that it is important to bring to bear the management tools and practices and the discipline that is generally associated with larger firms. We have enough experience in both large and small enterprises to know the value of process discipline and best practices, as well as the appropriate level of structure to expect and aspire to. Some things are more important than others; "management science" can be an oxymoron and a millstone, or a point of leverage, depending on how and when it's applied.

We bring strategic vision

Our experience in business strategy helps us provide our clients and operating companies with a sharper analytical framework than is typical, especially in smaller companies and divisions. But we like to move faster and run smarter than the competition and we understand that in most companies you can't just stop and develop a great strategy. Strategy happens in the fog of day-to-day competition. It can involve as much trial and error as hardened analysis. Our perspectives, experience and tools, provided in real time, help sharpen the strategic view of the management teams we work with.

We blend theory and practical application

We blend traditional management theory with an understanding of the practical decisions needed to manage daily operations in the face of uncertainty, always limited resources, and generally the need for speed in decision making. In the final analysis, clear "vision" and good strategy are important, but success is often more about what you can actually implement capably and repeatedly than what you can dream up.