Companies led by entrepreneurial management teams with an entrepreneurial culture

We understand entrepreneurially led operating companies. Whether it's a small, medium or large company, public or private, size and complexity is not really the issue as much as approach, attitude and culture. We're professionals, but we're entrepreneurs first, by nature.

Closely held businesses

We have experience facilitating the intergenerational transfers of a business. We can support the growth and development of management successors while assisting the business owner in establishing a planned exit, and potentially a "liquidity event" as well, over a chosen time period. We are well versed in the challenges and opportunities of succession planning in smaller enterprises and appreciate the value of a win-win transition.

Divisions of larger enterprises

Being agile and entrepreneurial yet having the resources of a larger parent company can be a winning combination. We have experience improving results at divisions and business units that exist within a larger, more complex enterprise. Alternatively, some businesses flourish more on their own than in a large corporate setting. We have experience converting a plant, a product line or a division into a more autonomous business unit or a stand-alone company.

Growth situations in selected industries, as well as turnaround situations with long-term potential

We assist companies managing growth situations, as well as "troubled" companies. Today, almost competitive environments are increasingly challenging, or could soon be.

Companies interested in change

We can help make a good investment better. We can help develop the management team and help "lead change" wherever and whenever that's appropriate. We will work with your team members to help challenge the boundaries of conventional thinking regarding business strategy, functional strategies and tactics, and competitive opportunities.